Friday, April 29, 2011

Movies, Books, Expensive Hobbies etc

Weekend Movie
As I was blabbering the other day about how I had won CNN-IBN’s “really tough movie quiz”, I received few DVDs and this gift voucher for Book My Show (500 bucks). It was there with us for over a month now, so we decided to catch ‘Dum Maro Dum’ last Sunday. I usually prefer going for the morning show or afternoon show since the crowd is considerably less, so we went for 11.30 show.

Well, I completely enjoyed the movie. All actors have done a decent job and for me, the fact that I did not even look at my watch once throughout the movie, is a proof enough that I had a good time. Frankly, there is no story per se, but tell me, did ‘Dhoom’ have any story?  The narration is pretty tight and screenplay is good. I liked most of the songs, especially this one. Dum Maro Dum remix is just about OK.

I AM releases today and I am looking forward to it. I was quite impressed by the way director Onir raised fund for the movie through social networking sites.  Besides, yet again Onir has chosen some sensitive issues to portray on the big screen, and the movie has a great star cast.

Hot topic
It is getting hotter day by day, even in Pune. It is almost impossible to step out till the sun is there. It is hard to believe that just 4 days back, on last Sunday, we had some pre-monsoon showers and such amazing weather. But atleast, good thing is that it is quite cool during night and in the early mornings. OK, so I am still quite far from watching the sunrise, atleast I am getting up before 7 am these days. I am so proud of myself.

Meeting a friend
Since the weather was good and we did not have other plans, we decided to meet a friend on the spur of the moment. There are so many friends who stay close by, but due to insufficient time or laziness, we never get around to meeting them. So, this time we decided, we would not plan too much and just go! It felt so good. Hope to do this more often now.

Book Mania
So, now with no job, nothing much to do at home really and since none of my friends are enamoured by my freedom yet and they do have their jobs to attend to, so I am catching up on my reading like there is no tomorrow. All these years, I bought so many books but never got enough time to finish them all. I have also joined a couple of Book Reading Challenges – South Asian Challenge 2011 and Book Reading Challenge 2011. I try and review every book that I read. It brings a certain amount of discipline in reading and writing.

This year, I have finished following books:

And what else, I gave myself an early birthday treat and ordered 6 more:

IPL Season 4
My favourites Chennai Super Kings are on 3rd position right now, and I was quite impressed by their fielding in the first match against Pune Warriors in Chennai. They played beautifully. Mumbai Indians are still ruling the charts though and looks like they are definitely in the Semifinals. They haven’t played even 7 matches yet. CSK and KKR are likely to be the other 2 teams and I am quite clueless as to which one will be the 4th team, as things are really unpredictable.

Photography is an expensive hobby
We are planning to buy a DSLR now and hubby is doing all sorts of research. I would like to explore photography, but right now, frankly, I don’t know much. So, he does the research and discusses with me. One thing I definitely know for sure, even an entry level DSLR is going to cost us a bomb!
Thank god, I am not into latest mobile phones, and I have been happily using my Sony Ericsson for last 3 years. I don't even pay much heed to it. In any case, hubby makes up for all my aversion to technology. But I must admit, the first time I saw Samsung Galaxy Tab, even I was besotted by it; though the price was quite a put-off. Spending so much for something which is anyways going to be obsolete in a couple of months, is beyond me!

Apart from hoarding books, I discovered that I also collect interesting notebooks. Here’s a look at my collection.

The Royal Wedding
Indians are known for over-the-top, ostentatious weddings. And then I read this. Why should one spend so much on a wedding? 
So far, I was not swept away by the frenzy around this wedding, but I did happen to catch Prince William and Kate say "I will" on one of the channels because well, all news channel are tuned to this mother of all weddings! 


  1. Thats such a wholesome post :)

    Left job?? why o why? Don't bother answering if am intruding in ur personal space :) but honestly speaking I sometimes feel like quitting full time job and to look out for something for which I can WFH!! Lets see if I do something about it.

    When's ur b'day? :D

    I have ordered Braking News from India Plaza and knowing their service I will get it in this life time...that reminds me am writing a post on them pretty soon...

    Even my hubby has been wanting to buy a digital DSLR camera but it is pretty expensive no??? Do ur research and put up a post hehehehe will be helpful for me ;)

    Also watch Shor have been reading only good things about it.

    IPL4 My fav team is Punjab alwaya :)

  2. @ Smita - I find this way much better than writing individual post for such things.
    Just wanted to explore something else, so bid adieu to my Mar Com job. We always crib about how mundane jobs become, how we would do so many things if we had time, how our callings are different, etc, etc.... so I thought, abhi nahi to kabhi nahi. In fact, I would explore freelancing. Let's see.
    B'day's tomorrow :-)
    Even I have ordered 4 books from Indiaplaza and 2 from Flipkart. Needless to say, got both from Flipkart...still waiting for Indiaplaza!
    Hope to get our DSLR soon. It is going to be around 36K. Will certainly post with inputs from hubby of course.

  3. nice post :)
    loved reading it

  4. Hey, thanks for dropping by!

  5. quite a collage here.. :-) nice..

  6. @Phatichar: (quite a funny and unique name btw)just thought to put everything together. Thanks for dropping by :-)