Tuesday, May 16, 2006


During my appraisal discussion, my Boss told me, that I should be more Aggressive.Even my immediate boss says I should be aggressive.Initially, as the easily-motivated sort I am, I thought, Yeah!they are right. I need to be more aggressive and dominating. They told me, Advertising is a field where if you are not aggressive, people will take you for granted and would not give you importance. But now, I think, should I be in a job which takes away the very essence of me! Is it worth it!I think I am sensitive, emotional and very unlike the hardcore go-getter. But that is my personality. And those qualities make me sensitive.Perhaps, I am at a wrong place or profession.
I always dream of being a writer. I have no idea, what would I write!In fact, in my whole life, mostly I have written poems. Out of which, most of the poems, I have written during school, which now seem too childish.I have written 2-3 poems in the last 2-3 years. Would that qualify me as a writer!Even if the answer is in affirmative, I would be tagged, very slow!Does not matter! Sometimes I think about leaving everything, and start writing. But I have not found my inspiration!


  1. Well.. does anyone have those appraisal discussions any more, if its not in boss's fantasy to have a laugh? Don't worry for that feedback, listen, ponder and forget. "If u are aggressive, u are not a team player. If u are accomodative, u are not assertive." All this is part of life dear. Don't loose that inner touch and keep writing! Its always a breather to visit ur blog!


  2. Thanks yaar! you are a sweethear!Even I have understood the fact it's useless to change yourself for a job.

  3. you really have got a flair for words. it will be an utter waste if you do not start writing.

    start writing. do it today.
    good luck.
    hope to read some more nice articles from you soon.