Saturday, May 27, 2006

Insensible Sensitivities

Human beings are really an incomprehensible, insensible and strange lot. Yesterday while I was surfing channels on TV, I saw Amir Khan giving interviews and he sounded angry. That was enough to hold my attention more than even any of our own ads! What I heard and comprehended turned out to be such a stupid issue that I wonder why I am writing about it and why it has become a matter of national debate. The point of contention is Amir’s film “Fanaa” being stopped from being screened in Gujarat, because apparently Amir had offended the sentiments of the people of Gujarat by supporting the rehabilitation of people being affected by Narmada dam!Whoof! First of all, I wonder what is wrong with supporting the rehabilitation of people who would be affected because of the dam. Secondly, I fail to understand why people of Gujarat would be offended by someone being rehabilitated.
Even right now, while I’m writing this, I’m watching an interview of Amir with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN!


  1. An issue being large enough to shake a nation is not what is important but what is of importance is if it makes a difference to life of the people. Its a pity that the mushrooming of news channels in india has menat that every TDnH can be a newsmaker.Have you looked at the breaking news on the tickers at the bottom of the screen these days, .Its common to find things such as "Gurgaon mein vyapaari ki hatya", "Chappel ne logon ko ungli dikhayi"..and then you think of the old DD days when a breaking news meant the death of a politician or someone from the bollywood and soon after the news, DD would blank out all entertainment programs and we children would wonder why sucha thing is happeing?Such were the days.

    Would look forward to read many more of your posts in the future.I had stopped writing for almost one and a half years but found out today that my blog is still active.Will start posting soon

  2. ON THE ISSUE: Probably here you are physically present and mentally absent.

    Anyways, you must keep writing. Mumbai rains are inspiration enough to write about! Keep at it.