Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rakhi ka Swayamvar

Yes, I know I am accused of watching this programme in bits and pieces. I really did not know that it is supposed to be real Swayamvar and not just a programme. Guys have actually come to fight for Rakhi. Somewhere I also read that apparently Rakhi has lost weight for this programme. I really don’t know what’s cooking but I bet Rakhi is not going to marry any of these guys. There are struggling actors cum engineers, some stunt artistes, some interior designer-cum-actor, some police inspector and even a student. Why will Rakhi marry any of these?

OK, what I saw in this programe was guys were interrupting each other and taking Rakhi from one corner to another and asking her over and over again what she is looking in a life-partner. One guy had the nerve of bringing Bacardi for her. I’m sure no guy who intends to marry a girl, will do that in their first meeting. That explains what these guys are thinking really, beyond the façade of “marrying” Rakhi.

One guy from Lucknow says he has fallen in “love” with Rakhi since he saw Mohabbat hai Mirchi!!! Gimme a break.


  1. Break is all that you need after watching such a show :)

    Cheap show about a cheap lady who loves getting cheap publicity!

  2. hehe i saw a bit of it once..it was such a bore..the whole concept is a bore

  3. @ Varun & Ani_aset: It is really a horrible show but you know, I have seen most of the people reaching my blog by searching for 'Rakhi ka Swamyamvar'. And it is also written about everywhere. You can hate her but cannot ignore. Any publicity is good publicity after all, definitely works for Rakhi!

  4. As u said, I too bumped into your blog searching for RKS. By the way, just loved ur template as well as ur blog. Would you like to share how to get such templates?


  5. Hi Moumita, thanks for visiting my blog.My template is from thecutestblogontheblock.com. What you can do is whenever you visit different blogs, and if you like some template, you can see the source of Blog design (generally) at the bottom of the blog. Go to that site and select something as per the theme your blog or your preference. All such websites have HTML codes which you need to add in your Blog as 'Add Widget'