Thursday, July 02, 2009

Statue-tory Warning

Recently I read a very funny piece of news - “Court has asked Mayawati government to explain the use of Public money for making statues”.

Some time or the other we have all got the trail mail in which you can see Mayawati’s status with a purse! All this is definitely hilarious but just think about it whenever you pay tax. It will no longer make you laugh. First of all, I have never understood the use of erecting a statue. Let’s say, we do go ahead for a select few, but who decides? It is because of this, every Tom, Dick and Harry is getting his statue done out of my money!

I also remember someone saying how all this is a racket. Here the minister clears money for statues and the order goes to some relative of the minister. So, any guesses who is pocketing the money?


  1. yea yea,mmmm minister is that correct (well was a no brainer i know :D) ..this is gr8 news if you ask me..and i hope a correct judgement is passed for god sake to stop this non-sense spending

  2. lol

    seriusly, and Mayawati is on a roll... its idiotic esp ministers havin statues...

    ps abt rakhi's swayamvar. me thinks d same-she aint goin to marry nyone...