Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pet woes!

With all due respects to all the people who have pets, I am really against the idea. Please people, don’t be judgmental. I have nothing against those poor animals (if I may say so!), they are fine…but only in other people’s homes who are strangers and in homes I do not need to go. I have atleast 2 friends who have Pet dogs. They can be forever assured that I would never give them any surprise visit. I would always call up before landing on their place, that too very discreetly. I tip-toe to their main door, press the bell and hide inside the lift, until I’m completely assured of my safety (the pets locked up safely inside one of the rooms). I do feel sorry for them. In fact, I have even offered that I be locked in a room and let them roam around, but in any case, some distance is essential for my health.

Everyone keeps pestering me and telling me that their darling pet would not do anything. They don’t understand. It does not have to ‘do’ anything to scare me. I am just paranoid about them.

Besides, there is a practical reason why I do not like pets. I cannot stand their hair (I’m talking about dogs and cats) everywhere and on everything around the house. I too feel all lovey-dovey from a distance, but I’m not too keen on playing with them, they jumping all over me.

It is almost like a habit for me now. My friends just have to live with it. Poor guys!


  1. heheh they are not that bad..watch them wag their tail with love :)

  2. I'm not saying they are bad...it is just I'm not too into them :)They are really good, but as I said..in other people's places where I don't go!