Thursday, July 30, 2009

Air Brushing

I have been on the Product shoot for the last two days. It is absolutely no fun. I have been bored too death. We were shooting this product in which we needed to enhance the sleekness of the product, we felt that the product was looking fat, and were discussing whether we can ‘enhance’ that sleekness through Photoshop or something.

It suddenly dawned on me, how similar thing would be happening while shooting models or film actor / actresses. In fact, people who are in Media or Communication would know how each and every commercial picture is enhanced and ‘modified’ – that flawless skin, such perfect hair (even a strand of hair gone astray can be corrected)! But sometimes, I think people cross the limit. I remember, I had seen Rani Mukherjee on the Cover Page of a popular women’s magazine. It was clearly visible that the picture was ‘airbrushed’. Rani’s head and body were looking mismatched and she was looking far too thin. Read the article on 'Airbrushing the Photographs.'

It is really unfair for all the innocent people around who don’t know that the perfect picture that they see in glossies is really not the true picture. Many women buy what these magazines try to sell, an unreal picture of perfect beauty!

So, gym can really wait till tomorrow, or may be the day after J

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  1. hey thanks for the info :)
    not that i did not know it was happening, but the article you gave was good

  2. Hey thanks! Many a times I used to give these pics benefit of doubt, but now I know each and every picture is airbrushed.

  3. oh yes

    i realized that too, and i was in disbelief, but i would say there are people who look beautiful, as beautiful as in the photo's as in their real life :)

    but i feel people (mags etc) shouldn't present a picture that isnt true...

  4. So true! Because let's face it ... you can't help feel jealous for the perfection shown :)