Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain dance

Amidst the sound of hubby kicking the plastic football, keeping my fingers crossed on what he is going to break and the soundtrack of ‘Dhan Ta Nen’ from Kaminey, I’m back for just a quick post.

It looks as if rains are finally here. I am not too fond of rains because I just haaaatttttttteeee getting wet. I like drizzle, so you enjoy rain and not get wet! But since we will be practically handicapped without water, so I will do that much sacrifice for the sake of humankind ;-)

I got wet while going to office and again on my way back. Got wet again when I went to friend’s place close by, and yet again while coming back….Ugghh!

Well, but I do love getting cozy inside a blanket on a rainy day, sipping garama garam tea and reading a good book. It is the ultimate fascination of any book lover. I would also love a drive on a beautiful rainy day (not the heavy rains though).

Rains mean water, greenery, blankets, hot adrak-wali chai, pakode, lush-green fields, rain-coats, and so much more!And I do love looking at water pouring in from my balcony, but not a step outside.


  1. Nice new template you've got!

    I love doing the last thing you've mentioned! Love to watch droplets falling from my balcony. I hate getting wet too but love the smell of mitti after rains.

    Dhan Te Nan is awesome :)

  2. Arre, I was thinking I have forgotten something. I do also love that smell of mitti after the rains