Saturday, July 11, 2009

Loving your Work

There are a couple of things which I have learnt from my husband and have come to truly appreciate it – being honest with work! For me, responsibility is a big thing. If I’m entrusted with something, I do take it very seriously. Same goes with him. Actually, he is still way ahead of me.

I find so many people cribbing about salaries, about how they are under-paid and so on and so forth. I never really get into all these. It is not that I don’t like bigger pay-checks; for me, it is about peace of mind. I don’t bargain that. When I joined my first job, I did not even paid attention to how much the company was going to pay. It was my dream company during my MBA. Period. I quit Advertising, which I was absolutely crazy about while in college, after 1.3 years. But then, I am content that I can say today – “been there, done that”.

There is no end to a home and a car, then a bigger home and a bigger car and so on. The contentment is inside us, what do we really want from life! 20 years down the line, will I be more satisfied by a mansion and a line up of swanky cars, or by the pride of being able to make a difference in whatever we did!

Hate is surely a strong word; let’s say, I don’t like people who are not sincere to their work. Fine, your work may not be your true calling; but you did take it up, so why not give it your 100%? Why do a half-hearted job? Someone has rightly said:

“Either you do what you love, or love what you do.” There is no other way to "LIVE" life, everything else is just a waste of precius time.


  1. I can really say that this is one thing which many of us dont pay attention to! We may work ,but when we work we should give our best. Usually, we find that not all days are the same; sometimes we have less work and sometimes we have no work but to sit in office, but when we have we need to work with all-in-all !!
    Hope this would give some motivation to atleast one person!!

  2. Thanks :) I do believe the same. I on't do a job half-heartedly, I believe in giving my 100%