Thursday, July 30, 2009

Humko Ishq Ne Mara

Today while coming back from office, I found myself singing – ‘Kab se bekraar the sunane ko….’. This song is from a movie called “Humko Ishq ne Mara”.

I remember I was in school then, and we were all crazy about songs of this movie. Right from the popular “Jaadu Hai Ye Naya Naya, Dil hai Deewana…” to the title track "Humko Ishq Ne Mara”, all songs were our favourites for Antakshari.

I vaguely remember it was a college flick about these 3 girls and 3 guys. The name of the cutest guy in the picture (sitting at the centre) was Kiran (in the movie), he is mistaken as a girl and allotted a room with 2 other girls (can you believe that!). Back then it did not feel weird at all! Ah! Teenage………! You can catch all the details about the movie here.

It was a cute, teenage flick. The only lady missing from this poster of the movie is Rakhi Vijan aka Sweety from Hum Paanch. I think this movie came before that serial. You would also notice Amrita Saluja, a common face on the ad scene. She is the “Mummy” in Whirlpool’s ‘Mummy ka Magic Chalega Kya’ campaign. I have not noticed the third actress, Charmy much, though apparently she has done couple of movies in South.

Amongst the guys, only Ashish Chaudhary can be identified more readily. The name of the guy on the right handsie at the back is Huroum Mirza. I think I have seen him somewhere but cannot recall which serial or which movie! The third guy (who is at the centre) has been seen is as latest as the movie ‘Mumbai Salsa’.

A little research showed that the movie was directed by Arjun Sablok of ‘Na Tum Jano Na Hum’ and ‘Neal n Nikky’ fame.

It is strange how a movie or a song opens a box full of fond memories!


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  2. hey !!!!!
    my mom loved this movie too when she was a kid !! tho she had forgotten the name of the movie.. thanx for bringing back old memories for her.. she loved it !

  3. Hey Reema, thankx for the comment. Glad to see ur comment on my blog again :)

    Do check my reply :P

  4. so true! memories.... even a music or tune can take us back in time....

  5. Hi Vijay, I will surely add your blog. Thanks for dropping by :)

    Hi Emaan, I'm suddenly feeling old. How old is your mum by the way?

    Hi Sujoy, you have a really cool blog and really entertaining posts. My pleasure indeed!

    Hey Deepika, thanks for dropping by. How are you doing?

  6. Anonymous6:47 PM

    hey so grt to see even one of my fav movie of dat time.. even i was in luv wit huroum mirza n stil m!! plz if u kno anything abt whr he is n whts he doin plz do let me kno thx ....

  7. I tried searching for the current whereabouts of each of them but nothing much is written about lesser known actors. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Was searching about the movie Humko ishk ne maara and your blog popped up. Loved reading it, i loved the movie and had seen it so many years back, yep during the teenage years.... Wow, took me back to the age where we beleived that we can never die..... fantastic...

  9. Hey Chin2, thanks for dropping by. Movies and songs have a tendency to bring back memories of when we saw or heard that one. It is so nostalgic!

  10. Hey there, Was searching for the torrent for this movie today and bumped on your blog. Reminds me of Ma school and Coll days. I saw this movie 2 times which aired on some channel then.

  11. addition......all the songs were sung by the contestants of "Meri Aawaj suno" reality singing competation on Doordarshan.

  12. Watch this movie here