Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random thoughts at Random

I used to be music freak, you know the usual, collating songs, listening to songs day in and day out, every waking hour tuned in to Radio. I have been a decent singer myself. My mum would diligently watch Indian Idols and Sa Re Ga Mas and keep wishing that I would also go for auditions! Without a Training? No chance, man.

But anyways, I love my piece…err..r..r peace of mind much more than crowding every moment of my waking hour with the ridiculous blabbering of some stupid RJ. While going to office (a good 25 minutes) or cooking, I like to think. And sometimes thoughts are funny, eccentric, ridiculous, emotional or just a wild one.

· I have evolved a lot in the august company of my husband. I have learnt to let go a lot of things. Sometimes it feels amusing how we keep on saying that we will always be same. Nobody can ever be same, that’s the thing about life! Every relationship is continuously evolving –whether with parents, with siblings, with friends and especially with your spouse / loved one. It would be boring to be same forever.

· I am planning to learn driving. Since I have never done it, I won’t admit but I am a little scared. You can manage a 2-wheeler if somebody suddenly takes a wrong turn, or somebody gets in your way or even when you get lost in some thoughts; but it scares me how would I handle a car in such situations! But then I look at people driving on the road – I feel, if this girl or that guy can drive then why can’t I! To come to think of it, kids below 18 also easily drive, and millions of people drive around the world. It can’t be that tough really!

· The season of birthdays and anniversaries have begun. On 3rd July, we celebrated Birthday of one of our close friends, and we gave him a remote-controlled toy car. By the looks of him, he surely loved it. You cannot go wrong with guys on this one – 99% of the times they love remote-controlled cars, etc, or some Games or some gizmos.

Personally, I love giving gifts and I feel exhilarated when my thoughtful gifts are appreciated. It is a wonderful feeling.

Yesterday it was the same friend’s marriage anniversary and we gifted wine glasses. I think it was a smashing idea by one of our other friends. One of their wine glasses got bumped off recently. Can’t have given anything better than that. Mementos, Show-pieces are really wastage of money. In fact, I had also got a smart Baggit wallet from all of them. It was really thoughtful.

Right now I am planning to send a nice book to one of my friends for her birthday. I’m sure she would love it. It feels so nice to bring that smile on the person’s face whom you love.

· I’m planning for a long, long time now to make hard copies of selected pictures. Since the time Digital cameras have been introduced in the market, we have forgotten the importance of looking at albums on a cozy, rainy day. Soft copies can never match the joy of holding a picture in your hands. So, I will do it pretty soon. In fact, I’m planning to get a place done specially for albums and pictures.

· I have started planning what to gift for our second anniversary. Right now, I’m jus making notes. But one gift will definitely be personalized. Like in our first anniversary, I gifted him pictures of our time together. It is lovely to wake upto these pictures. Priceless! So, second one has to better that.

· Recently, I read a lovely poem. Can’t help putting it here (really want to know who has written such soulful words)

Koi tumse pooche, kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena "koi khaas nahi".

Hawa ka ek suhana jhonkha hai,

Kabhi nazuk toh kabhi tufaano sa.

Sakal dekh kar jo nazrein jhuka le,

Kabhi apna toh kabhi begaano sa.

Zindgi ka ek aisa humsafar,

Jo samandar hai, par dil ko pyaas nahi.

Koi tumse pooche kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena "koi khaas nahi".

Ek saathi jo ankahi kuch baatein keh jaata hai,

Yaadon me jiska ek dhundhla chehra reh jaata hai.

Yun toh uske na hone ka kuch gam nahin,

Par kabhi-kabhi aankho se ansu ban ke beh jaata hai.

Yuh rehta woh mere tassavur me hai,

Par in aankho ko uski talaash nahi.

Koi tumse pooche, kaun hoon main,

Tum keh dena koi khaas nahin....!!"

· I used to write poems when I was in school, simple ones, nothing great. I also wrote a little bit in college. But now, totally given up. I especially love, such simple hindi poetry. I had one complete diary of my poems Don’t have it any more. It was not worth saving. I have always written my own lines, whenever I have made personalized cards for my friends. I have none of those with me now, but at that point of time, it used to feel apt.

· It is drizzling outside, hubby is gone for pool or Table Tennis, and although I planned to read a book, but I’m sure once I get up from here, I would be cleaning, re-cleaning, organizing, re-organizing things. But today, I will definitely finish ‘Feast of Roses’. And again I’m dying to buy a few more books.

· By the way, I have completed 5 years of blogging. It is all here. Getting introduced to Blogging, running to computer lab and documenting my life, getting placed, life at my first job and first acquaintance with Mumbai, moving to Pune, getting married – everything is right here. Sometimes I read my old posts and re-live those moments. It feels good to be here. I will again quote one of favourite lines:

‘I tend to live in the Past (read Blog), for most of my life is there.’

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