Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movie Review: A Wednesday

‘A Wednesday’ has been on my wish list for a long, long time now. Unfortunately, every time I would catch it on TV, it would be somewhere half way through. I really wanted to see the complete movie. As the luck would have it, hubby went out partying for the financial year closing, so no IPL matches to dominate our living room, as usual I started surfing channels and as luck would have it, ‘A Wednesday’ had just about started on Doordarshan. Yipee!

It is a wonderful movie. Right from the casting to the narration of the story, the screenplay, the whole mood and essence of the movie, everything was good. Though everyone did justice to their characters, including Deepal Shaw (I’m not sure if that funny voice is really her’s), I think Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher matched each other too well. Anupam Kher as the Commissioner of Police and Nasseruddin Shah as the common man were absolutely effortless. Aamir Bashir did complete justice to his role. Jimmy Shergill was good too but may not be perfect as the no-nonsense tough cop. The other actors playing terrorists did not look too menacing but that was not the point. The main thing was that the movie did drive home the point.

My thoughts on why you should watch this movie?

• It is not run-of-the-mill song and dance routine drama, it is different

• The story is engaging and completely hooks you on, even though at the back of your mind you know where all this is going

• It translates the exact same thoughts that haunts everyone today all the time, into words

• It speaks out the feelings of a common man – you, me, us!

• I absolutely loved the monologue by Naseer where he speaks out for common man


  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    I felt Naseeruddin Shah's performance was one of the main reasons that i saw the movie. Its sad that such a movie didn't appeal to larger audience. . Btw have u seen Ishqia?

  2. When I had went in to see the movie I had minimal expectations and when I came out I was in Awe! Nd you know what? People actually clapped when Naseer gave that monologue!! It made so so so much sense!! Specially because the movie had released in wake of 26/11

    I try to watch it everytime it is played on TV. I liekd Jimmy a lot hehehe needless to Say Naseer was par excellence!!!

  3. Hey savvy: First of all thanks for dropping by :-) Isn't it always like that such movies appeal to only handful of people.
    Yeah, I saw Ishqiya. Naseer & Arshad are good, Vidya is OK. I think Vidya was fabulous in 'Paa'. Coming back to Ishqiya, it is not extrordinary but certainly wortha watch.

  4. Hi Smita, I have no doubts about the fact that people would have clapped on Naseer's monologue. I love his voice, his pronunciation and the serenity in his voice.