Saturday, April 17, 2010

Contemporary Indian Design

The first time I got acquainted with ‘Contemporary Indian Art’ was in The Mint’s Saturday supplement ‘Lounge’. It featured a couple of Indian design companies which create quirky / kitschy home and fashion accessories that are essentially Indian. I immediately googled all these firms, looked through their products and since then I have bought several products from their range, and they have all been smashing, beautiful and definitely unique. After that I came across similar write-ups and features in Elle Décor as well as Femina. And it has been one awesome revelation.

After my initiation into ‘Contemporary Indian Art’, I have come across several such firms which promote ‘Indian’-ness in their designs.

Check out the links and get bowled over by the eye-catching collection each one of these have.

Design Temple

Happily Unmarried
Loose Ends
Play Clan
Fluke By Design
Art by Aarohi

And well, I have also designed a few things for my home, which I have talked about earlier, and which I will surely showcase on my blog some day.

Image courtesy: Happily Unmarried

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