Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tea and Will Power

For a while, I had been thinking about quitting something which I absolutely love, almost addicted to. And the obvious answer was Tea! I know, some might find this whole post very funny, but people who know me, also know how obsessed I have been with Tea since very young age. The more my mum would discourage me to have tea, the more it became an obsession. I have gone to the length of being so badly fixated on tea, that the moment mum would go out, the first thing I would do was make tea for myself. What fascinated me more about late-night studies or early morning studies was being officially allowed to have Tea!

But anyways, the point is I have quit tea for a week now and it feels tremendously liberating. Whenever somebody would have tea, I would consciously say it loud that I don’t drink tea anymore! It feels good and it sort of reassures me, it boosts my confidence. I feel extremely proud of myself, and I know it is definitely going to have a positive impact on me health-wise as well.

I’m really not into soft drinks, so when it is the point of having something to drink, I go for salted fresh lime water or plain water. The amount of sugar, I have cut down, as a result is also quite a lot. I used to have anywhere between 2 to 4 cups of tea everyday. So there 

A week back, I thought it would be impossible for me to quit tea, ever. I decided to try this first for a month. In just a week, I’m almost on the verge of quitting tea forever.

As I am thinking and writing about this, what is clear to me is that it is really not so much about tea, as much as it is about my will power to overcome something which I thought was indispensable for me. It is all in the mind. The mind convinces us that there are things we would not be able to do or live without, but if you take it as a challenge and give it a try, you can surely make it possible. Because it is always possible, we should have that much conviction!


  1. Well that's a good news! Too much of anything is bad. .. And i will second you on the thought that the feeling of not being addicted to anything is quite liberating... Though 2-4 cups of tea are normal for many people, its good if u can avoid the excess. . I personally am not addicted to tea but i love coffee. . I can drink gallons of it. . But that is the reason i drink coffee only once in a while!

  2. Hi, nice to see you back after a long time here :-) Well, coffee is even worse. Good that you have it only once in a while. Right now I'm on a trial of a month, let's see I may switch to Gren Tea after that completely. The problem is it does not taste anything like Tea!

  3. My best wishes for your experiment. . . ! Yup. . Was a bit busy these days with my first Blog hacked, exams, slow net connection and what not. . Anyways. . Now i'm back in business. .

  4. I would say “welcome back” 

    Besides, more than an experiment, it is more about pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and eating.

  5. I don't whether it's good new or bad news, but
    I have been addicted to tea when I have something to do more articulately.
    I feel, I can think well or can concentrate well when I have it at those time.
    But I don't have particular pattern.
    Morning always starts with bournvita but one afternoon tea makes me Complain boy.