Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend fun

This weekend was superb. Saturday was all about shopping. I bought this kitschy poster for a neat Rs 115/-, which is going to adorn one of my doors, pretty soon!

I discovered another splurging opportunity for myself. I realised that I have fascination for interesting notebooks as well, and I have actually been collecting them for sometime now! In fact, the name of my blog ‘Pen-Paper’ comes from my fascination with all kinds of stationery. I am not too much into Pens though, so no Lamy, Cross pens for me. I can happily write with a 5 rupee pen.

I visited Either Or, and absolutely loved this travel notebook but priced at over Rs 700/-, I stopped short of buying it. May be sometime later. So, I settled for a pretty hand-made paper notebook, which can fit in nicely in my handbag. I have always been accused of carrying mini-luggage with me. This reminds me of a funny incident that happened 2 years back (completely unrelated to this post, but it’s funny)

I was on an official travel to Delhi with my team. The trip was for 2 days with just a night’s stay. Everyone was carrying a suitcase. When I reached, I just had a small overnight bag with me. Everyone kept saying how smart I was and how I have planned it so well that I need not carry too many things. One of them even pointed out that his daughter, who was 4-5 year old at that time, had a bigger bag on such trips. Well, well…………….and then they saw my handbag! “No wonder”, they exclaimed. “Your handbag is as big as your overnight bag. You are keeping half your stuff in that”. The bigger my bag gets, the more ambitious I become with my stuff and eventually, the bag falls apart. I never learn, and I do get a new bag at the end!

Coming back to my happening weekend story, I also went to Crossword (yeah, even after buying 10 books just a couple of days back!). This time they have a really good Sale, 15% off on all books and extra 5% if you are a member….needless to say that I am! So, I picked up 2 books – Braking News and First Proof. It was not an impulse buy. I had been eyeing these 2 books for sometime now!

Sunday was fun too. I was totally hooked on to FRIENDS the entire day, and I have completed Season 2. Nothing works better for cheering me up instantly!

Pssst.... For people in Pune, there's a fabulous Sale going on at College of Engineering. Books are available for as low as Rs 50. I bought 5 books (including hardbound) for Rs 300 only. Quite a steal!

Image Source: Chumbak & Either Or


  1. Hey is that sale over ?

  2. Oh God! Yes it got over on 5th September. And there were some nice Photography books too. I went thrice and picked up hordes of books for Rs 1900. The last day was the coolest. I got “History of the World” for Rs 500. It is such a fabulous book, and I negotiated by chance. They were very keen. Well, right now Landmark is running Sale. I haven’t checked it out yet. It is till 15th September, so try your luck.