Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One of the many reasons to shop

Why does it happen that despite several, several shopping sprees; whenever you open the cupboard to wear something, you never find anything to wear! I feel, I am perpetually short of clothes. The list maniac that I am, I have even made lists of must-have cloth items, but every time I go for shopping, I end up buying something totally different.

I have a couple of dresses that I have never worn or worn may be once or twice. But while cleaning the cupboard, I reason with myself that I would certainly find an apt occasion pretty soon, and well, throwing away the dress without properly utilizing it would be such a waste of money. But, alas, that never happens, and I face the dilemma again the next time I am on my cupboard-cleaning ritual.

So, this Diwali, I made up my mind that whatever I have not been wearing regularly will go, and I parted with 2 bags of clothes - some given away to maids, some to charity. And it was a good feeling. Even according to Feng Shui, hoarding is not a good thing (of course, it does not apply to books), it attracts negativity.

So, now that I am free of negativity, I can look for adding some positive vibes (read more shopping).


  1. Oh even I have done that couple of times and it is therapeutic.

    So how have u been?

  2. I know!

    I am quite good, thank you :-) How's your bundle of joy?

  3. Always surprising how one develops attachment to most things that come to make our homes their homes, inanimate or otherwise.