Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If I had more time...

I have recently changed my blog’s template and let me confide, I don’t like it too much. The formatting is all disturbed and I don’t even know what all links I have lost. There are so many things, which we keep postponing to ‘when we have more time on hand’. Changing the template is certainly one of those for me. Actually, I have quite a long list of ‘to-dos’…’when I have more time’.

Well, when I have time, I would like to
  • Finally read so many wonderful books that I have been diligently collecting every month
  • Finally read millions of magazines, stuffed in all corners of my home. May be I would agree to part with a few then
  • Blog more frequently and much more regularly
  • Watch all those wonderful movies which I have only been hearing about. Catch all the good movies on TV
  • Spend more time with family (not just ‘quality time’)
  • Talk to family and friends more often
  • Create many more expressions of art
  • Finally do up my home, the way I have been dreaming about
  • Do store-hopping to find that perfect dress or furniture, rather than just buying what is available; even haggle!
  • Leisurely shop in those little boutiques, which I usually cross while going to some Mall (will totally give up going to malls for sure)
  • Play games on Playstation. Never gone beyond ‘take down’ despite pleas from husband who is a Playstation junkie
  • Spend more driving hours and hone my driving skills (well, I can drive to save my life but just that)
  • Learn something new, something creative….. something like pottery, or may be knitting
  • Work on my vocabulary, never really did it consciously after taking admission in MBA
  • Read newspaper from front to back (does not apply to Pune Times or Pune Mirror)
  • Explore photography. I know I will be good at it
  • Get up really early, and sip my green tea with the rising sun ;-) (yeah, when I have time, I spend minimum time in sleeping)
  • Read all those wonderful blogs out there on every imaginable topic
  • Brush up my general knowledge (it is at all time low, since I proudly don’t watch TV & don’t read newspaper)
  • Travel a lot, see every corner of India, and write travelogues
  • Discover several more kitschy, India-inspired home décor stores
  • Finally brush off the dust from my poor cycle, and get going
  • Do something good, self-less
  • Play chess
  • Plan my investments well, rather than just putting everything in whatever comes up first
  • Acquire a green way of living (in the best way possible)
  • Learn all applications of my mobile
  • Waste less, use every product to maximum possible
  • Click a lot of pictures, and finally get them developed into Albums, and not just keep in Folders on computer. The joy that a physical album or a hardcopy of a beautiful picture gives, cannot be compared with just tapping keys and skimming through the pictures
  • Write a book (life will perhaps never be complete without writing something worthwhile, even if it is not a book)

I could think of only these couple of things right now, I am sure I would have millions of other things on the list….if I had more time.

Would love to hear what you would like to do if you had more time on hand! I am sure all of us have these ‘to-dos’


  1. Like the new template :)

    And ur wishlist is quite like mine :)

  2. Did you say, you like it....I feel it is too flowery! I like your template too much. It is super cool. So, if I have time on hand, I am going to find a really good template :-)