Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In the name of Charity

I had a horrible experience at Lifestyle recently. Well, I wanted to buy sandals and went for the billing. My friend was standing ahead of me in the queue. The lady at the billing counter asked her if she wanted to donate Re 1 for the charity. My friend asked her, what charity. She pointed towards some Poster, which basically was about some charity initiative by Lifestyle group or something. Anyways, she did go for it reluctantly. What’s Re 1/- right? Well, not with me, if I am not in the right mood.

I went in next. She swiped my card adding the Re 1/-. I asked her that the sandals were for Rs 750 right, so why the bill says Rs 751! She said, (now, note carefully) we have been asked by the management to bill everyone with Re 1/- extra by default. And if somebody argues (please note…argues!), we have been asked to give back Re 1/- coin. Well, if you think about it does anybody visiting a mall really count till the last rupee while paying? We never even total it ever ourselves, and always dole out the money whatever we are asked for. Imaging the unsuspecting buyers, who are paying Re 1/- without their consent.

I was about to get into a full blown lecture but well, at the end I just gave her an earful that this is wrong! Even if it is just Re 1/- you are not supposed to add it with my bill. It is just human tendency. We will just let it go….why make a scene for just Re 1/- (like I did).

But this is really not OK. I have found this in several malls, they are asking for charity (Re 1/- or Rs 10 whatever). God knows, where this money goes! Who accounts for these cash? Why should I support a cause which I am not even aware of!Why should I pay for some company's CSR activity!

If I want to do charity, I would do it on my own, to the cause of my choice. Regardless of the fact that Re 1/- is nothing, I want the option of making a choice!


  1. I totally agree with you. Many times, I have faced such situations, and if I raise objections, people with me claim to feel embarrased by my actions. But my point always is - its my choice and I should have a right to decide. After that if I give someone Rs. 100000 willingly, its my wish! Good you highlighted this in a open forum

  2. @ Ashrut: I know the embarrassing bit. People seem to think what's wrong with this person, why is she making a scene for a rupee! But it is about my right to choose, isn't it?