Monday, February 28, 2011

Saat Khoon Maaf

I saw ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ recently, and I was disappointed with the movie. I read several reviews, all bad; and yet I wanted to give it a chance. But I did not like it.

  • To begin with, the hall was almost empty, barring handful of people; and a few left somewhere in the middle. People who could not go (like my husband) started chatting on their mobiles or yawning every few minutes.
  • I think, the way, movie was publicized was misleading. Which part was comedy? The only part which I really found hilarious was when they showed ‘4 more to go’ in the interval.
  • Priyanka Chopra was not bad in acting, but she looked bad throughout the film. I did not understand many times, how she was shown aging. Of course, the movie incorporated important events to give idea about her age, but you can simply show the year. I remember, in this scene, she is dancing to ‘Darrling….’, she looked young, but soon after, when she is shown after her Russian husband’s (Aleksandr Dyachenko )death, she suddenly becomes old. In fact, atleast they attempted to make her face age but her body wasn’t quite aging. A thin, old woman would certainly look different than a thin, young woman.
  • The characterization of each husband (perhaps, since they were too many) appeared quite hurried. After a point, you felt that the director just wants to throw in a bit of the husband’s personality and go on to his murder. And since one already knows that all of them are going to be murdered, one also waits for the reason the guy gets killed. But that’s hardly the thrill.
  • In certain cases, one feels that Susanna could have just left the husband, why she has to kill each one of them is not too clear; or perhaps as explained in one of the scenes by her butler, it was part of her personality, she never changed her path!
  • What was Usha Uthhup doing in the movie, nobody could understand. The other 2 staff of Susanna, were weird. In fact, all 3 were a little over-the-top on many occasions
  • Songs were not too great either
  • As long as the parts of all the husbands go, most of them were good. Neil Nitin Mukesh, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Annu Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah were quite good. I thought, Irrfan’s character was not etched out properly. It was too hurried. I did not like John’s part too much. Apart from that, Vivaan Shah was impressive. Konkana Sen did justice to her guest appearance. 
And finally, Susanna really had a terrible luck in marriage, while we had a bad day. 

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