Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home Makeovers

I love doing up interiors and home makeovers are always a treat to watch. Quite by chance I saw Colin & Justin's Home Heist on BBC Entertainment, and these days, I am quite enamoured by their home makeovers. And they do it in 6 days flat. It is interesting how they transform homes.

I do have a couple of issues though:

  • They do not seem to have a low budget
  • Most of the times, they replace everything including ceilings, entire floorings and furniture
  • The homes usually end up looking fabulous but devoid of personal touch
  • I don't like wallpapers too much. They make the space look a little suffocating, especially, if put up on all the walls and in bold patterns
  • Too many white furnitures and upholstery, and too many decor items. Whites are extremely difficult to maintain (next to impossible)
Well, it is aired thrice daily, featuring different home heists. Pretty interesting!

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  1. NDTV Goodtimes had a similar prog few years back! They wud usually redo a room for people!! I used to lvoe watching it!!! :)

  2. @Smita: I know, it is amazing! The way they transform the place. The only thing I don't like, (and I don't know how people allow), they just remove personal stuff if it does not go with the decor like this guy said he and his dad had done the flooring together and it is special for him, another lady had a toy made by his son, and so on and so forth.