Friday, March 25, 2011

What a day!

What a day, really! After about 5-6 months, I had this sudden urge to splurge on books and yesterday, splurge I did! Here are the books which I bought through Flipkart yesterday and most of those are already on the way: 

Earlier I used to compare prices on different websites but now after much experience I am quite assured, I will get a good deal at Flipkart. Their customer service is good and prices are always competitive. I have explored enough options to now bank on them completely.

And to add to the joy, the whole universe knows by now, how India had a spectacular victory over Australia yesterday. I was never a cricket person, but of late, I have been converted into one. All by choice. I definitely want Sachin to have the honour of a World Cup in his career. He deserves it.

So, now I go back to reading the 1000 pages 'Parva' by S.L. Bhyrappa. I am going to take a while on this. But the book is worth it! Holding it is the only difficulty I have, when I read it.


  1. Hmmmm I was a die hard Flipkart fan when I realised Indiaplaza is offering way better discounts!
    Andthen I ordered one book from Infibeam (just to give it a try) and u know what?
    The book that I had ordered was an Indian edition & since that was Out of Stock I got a call from them saying that they will gimme the same book but an imported edition at the same cost but as that would take time they wanted to know if am ready to wait. Isn't that awesome?

    Of your books I have read My Sister's Keeper, damn good book!

    Psst I also wnet on a shopping spree few days back!
    Latest Jeffrey Archer, House Rules by Jodi Picoult, Custody by Manju Kapur (pre order, The Double Comfort Safari Club by Alexander McCall Smith & Highway on My plate :D

  2. @ Smita:I was an Indiaplaza loyalist because of their discounts but most of the time, I would get 2-3 books and for the rest of the order, I would keep on following. These days, even Flipkart is offering very competitive rates, and their service is very, very prompt. I have ordered just 1 book from Infibeam.
    I have seen the movie 'My Sister's Keeper' and loved it, so just wanted to read the book as well.
    My, my, quite a bunch you have acquired :-)

  3. I totally agree with you on service part, one of my book with Indiaplaza is still pendingto be deilvered!!! But as far as discounts are concerned somehow Flipkart is offering 10-15% less disc :( otherwise I wud have never left them!

  4. Oops! Is it? This is the only time I did not compare the prices. Usually, I check out Indiaplaza, and sometimes Infibeam and Landmark too. For some rare books is also good, but those are quite expensive. Good only for select few ones which you are not finding anywhere else.