Saturday, May 11, 2013

May Photo A Day : Day 11: A Smile

You see that doll? It always brings a smile on my face whenever I see her (apart from the fact that she is also smiling).

Well, the story goes like this. My  brother was visiting my place, when he saw this doll. He laughed so hard, and said who would ever gift anyone this ugly doll? Who would buy this in the first place?

I said sheepishly, "Well, the hubby did, on my birthday, because he found her cute."
On second thoughts, I am thankful my hubby did not say "she reminds me of you".
But now I have quite warmed upto her, and ain't she looking cute here?


  1. LOL :D My sister's daughter also got 2 such dolls on her birthday and we would always laugh on seeing it and had the same thought as your brother :D

    1. Imagine how my expressions would have been when he had given this to me! But he always gives a bunch of gifts and I have already warmed up to this little girl :-)

  2. I am smiling because I know another reason for u putting up this photo :D

    1. Ha ha aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya!
      Books are my favourite subject and background. I bet, you would have read the names of the books. Didn't you?
      I just ordered 8 books from Snapdeal + Landmark + Flipkart. Waiting for them to come so that I can make everyone jealous by posting a picture ;-)