Sunday, September 22, 2013

Movie Review: Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

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Ok, so this is not really a review. These are just my thoughts after I watched the movie.

Title: What is the connect between the title ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and the story? Apart from the fact that all the main characters are young.

Genre: I don’t know where to slot this movie – coming of age? romance? friendship? I don’t think it fits in any of these genres.

Characters: There are 4 main characters and yet I don’t know anything much about any of them to empathize. I don’t know why Ranbir Kapoor’s character is running away from his family or why he sometimes becomes very irritating. I don’t feel for him at all. I don’t know much about Deepika Padukone’s character except that she leaves on a whim for a Manali trek because she suddenly realizes she isn’t having enough fun. We don’t know her past and neither do we know anything about her when they all meet for Kalki’s wedding. Kalki’s character is very cool. She is a no-nonsense girl who puts her act together enough to decide to settle down. She looked most sorted and yet we don’t get to know enough of her too. And the least said of Aditya Kapur’s character, the better. I don’t know why all the reviews are going ga-ga about his act in the movie. He looked quite caricaturish [if such word exists]. His shaking of head on every dialogue delivery was quite funny. I don’t know why he spirals into gambling and drinking, spelling doom for himself.

Story: The geek / simple girl-next-door has somehow become very fascinating for the hero, who is a charmer, a compulsive flirt and a very cool guy. Take ‘Cocktail’ or this movie. The moment this girl starts dancing in gay abandon, the cool guy falls for her. He does not know anything about her; I don’t even remember if they mentioned what kind of doctor she was. Nevertheless.

Songs: The Ghagra song was completely forced. Neither was it required, nor Madhuri Dixit was required. I love 'Balam Pichkari' and to some extent 'Badtameez Dil'. I don't recall any other song.

Takeaway: After thinking for a while, I finally decided that the best thing about the movie was the last interaction between Deepika and Ranbir, when they both argue that they find happiness in different kind of things. Ranbir feels that she or others are jealous because he gets to travel to such exotic locales but she puts him in his place by saying that she much prefers the warmth of her family and the feeling of belonging that her home provides. I personally belong to the second school of thought. I like travelling to new places, getting to know about culture and history but I like being rooted in my home for majority of the time.

Actors: I think both Ranbir and Deepika had very non-challenging roles. But after Cocktail, I think Deepika is getting better with every movie [just to digress a little, have you seen Ram Leela’s trailer? Mind blowing!]. Kalki has done well in her role. I absolutely did not like Aditya Kapur’s acting. Tanvi Azmi in her 2 frame role was super-awesome.

Moral of my story: I am always hard pressed for time. I love watching movies but they are not my priority. I prefer reading and writing in all my free time. So, I am very particular about the kind of movies I watch. I would not say that I wasted my time on this movie; it was strictly OK. I usually like movies which leave me with thoughts. My husband insists that since I am thinking so much about this movie, it sure did inspire thoughts in me; but I don't agree. 

What is your take on the movie?

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  1. Well you are spot-on the story part. or should say their was hardly any tell tale.Am die hard fan of Ranbir so nothing can stop me for watching his movies first day first show if I can manage. It’s always delightful to watch Deepika specially after Cocktail. Being me I love observing their sense of styling, cloths, shoes, hairstyles heck even eyewear…..Must say Kalki was certainly a treat to watch …Cool Lass

    All in all not a bad one if you watch it through your heart and leave your wits behind.

  2. I saw this on my mob :D and I totally agree with ur views!!!

    I feel Aditya R Kapoor us highly over rated!! He can not act. Period!

  3. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I like this movie..coz
    I like Ranbir
    To see deepika's style & clothes
    and I like Dil badtameez song
    AlsoI think IT came after really long break due to IPL

    and most important..I don't expect much from Bollywood movies :-)
    Good timepass..that's it :-)