Friday, September 06, 2013

An Eye for An Eye?

The other day, we were on our daily evening stroll – my 2-year old son [D] and I. We met another lady from our building with her son, who is 2.5 years old. I was aware about her son’s habit of hitting other kids, but I let the kids play. All my son, who is yet to go to school or properly be in the company of other young kids, wanted to do was run around with the other kid. Let us call him P. His mother is a nice lady, of happy disposition. Now, D would call out to P to run around and hide and generally play. But every time he would be close to P, P would push him. Twice my son fell because of being pushed, but he did not pay much attention to it, got up and continued playing. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt.

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  1. Oh god there is hundred of minute things, when it comes to parenting. Yes we need to make sure our kid doesn’t get bullied. It will be hard on his self-esteem in later years.
    I have another issue to ask. See one of my nephew (BIL-son) picked up this biting habit. It’s his way of showing annoyance. But parents are hardly doing anything to stop him in-spite of bitten by him many times. So last month they came from bang lore for a family wedding, and this little dude did the same thing to me. It was horrendous. Though i love him to bits but this is unacceptable. So what I did i just bites him back but softly to show him its bad and other person gets hurt. Miraculously now his biting problem is resolved. I don’t know my step was right or not but it was needed. Whats your take on this issue?