Saturday, April 23, 2005

Back to where I belong!

Somebody pointed out that my blog is increasingly becoming academic. So I take a break because academics anyways, is over!
Two days back, I saw Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi at INOX. Actually, it has been 2 years and I had never been to INOX, the Multiplex, in Pune. I am a regular at E-Square. And it is the best in all respect. At INOX as well as at ADLABS, you don't really know that you are in a multiplex, you enter by some gallery and leave by another. What about EXPERIENCE!!!
Anyways, coming back to the movie, considering the fact that I am not an intellectual, this movie was a bit over the head for me. But it is good. The award-winning type! Actually, it is the true off-beat cinema type! It does not tells you each and everything, assuming that you are intelligent. It showed the total collapse of all systems in the interiors of Bihar. It was really a hopeless and a doomed picture! All actors were good! I really liked the way movie has been given a background, and the missing links have been beaded together with the help of letters.
Also read this review.


  1. Oh! We have a Puna girl here!

    I was there for a few hours in the first week of April. Went to see Tango Charlie at Adlabs. I was told that INOX is better but Adlabs was on the way to airport.

    Even on first day, third show, the hall had just about 30 people!!! They played national anthem and then a declaration that money will be refunded only if there is any snag in the first 45 minutes of the screening!! That gave me a sense of the shape of things to come....and before the 40th minute, the movie got stuck dut to some snag!! Is this routine there?

    btw, pune city looks awesome from air!

  2. Hey, I also went to see TANGO CHARLIE at ADLABS(Unfortunately!).But I don't remember the declaration about snag, so I must be there on some other day! But there were about 30 people at that time too. And it was also somewhere near the first week of April!!!
    Wasted my money, really! Yeah, I had these experiences of National Anthem at ADLABS as well as INOX but never anywhere else. And I don't understand the logic of this, in the first place.
    Anyways, I am leaving Pune shortly!Off to Mumbai!