Saturday, April 02, 2005

School-time Confessions!

Two days back one of my friends from Kinder Garten days came for interview at my college. She is one who would always remind me things about me and other friends, from our school days together. So I thought that would add to ay earlier blog on childhood stories. This one is from school.
My school was at a distance of 15 minutes walk. Throughout the later part of my school days, I used to take badly calculated risks for my exams. I remember I would not start studying as soon as possible, and keep postponing the cramming, ad on the day of exams there would be so much to study that I would be in a total chaos. In Class 10, I remember I had left the whole of Economics and most of Civics, and sat for the Board exams!!! Add to that, during my Class 12, I had studied only the Physical Chemistry and a little of Inorganic, leaving the whole of Organic Chemistry.Just a day before my Hindi exams, I watched Hamari Bahu Alka on TV. Could not miss the joy of watching Utpal Dutt at one of his hilarious best! But now I have changed in that respect, or should I say things have changed to suit my habits. Now we have 3 Trimesters in a year, so instead of 3 exams, I study the whole course in 3 parts. So I still study that way, but the course has decreased!
When we were in Class 8, we were hit by a wave that forced us to put a tail made of paper behind any person we get our hands to! Our class was on first floor, and adjacent to it, was our Chemistry Lab. Our Chemistry teacher(great looks!) was a terror! So we had this free period, everyone was busy in their own masti, at that time I was trying my best to put a paper-tail to my bench-mate. It so happened, just at that moment, our dear Chemistry looker, crossed our classroom. And bang!he saw me busy in my mischief. After that, he honoured me by making me stand on the stage of our assembly, near principal's office. I fondly remember this incident as having been crowned "Miss India"!
This reminds me of one of my friends, lets call her A. She was extremely notorious for her sleep. I and another friend (who visited me recently), let's çall her S, usually went to her house. And it usually happened to us, that whenevr we would visit her, she would be sleeping. Somehow she would manage to open the door, bear with us for sometime, but after we had talked with each-other for sometime, we would tell her that we had to go. And she would say-OK!Come again!And nobody'guess, she would conveniently go back to her sleep, and we would be left to walk back the long distance in hot sun!
There are really so many instances that sometimes when I get hold of them, I feel hey, I had nearly forgotten them. They are all so hilarious that we have laughed hundreds of times on the same joke!
One of my childhood friends'elder brother is getting married in May to his girlfriend. Luckily, I would be home at that time, and thus would get to meet my friend also, and be part of the fun. It is really a different feeling to be part of a marriage of somebody you know from your childhood!


  1. I am pretty sure who A is. I have a fair idea who S is. (Can you give me their contact nos and/or email IDs?) And I definitely know who that Chemistry teacher was! Who is the one getting married? I'll take a guess - is it Kanchan's brother? That was a wild guess as I can not recall any one else having a brother of marrigable age. Or wait a minute, are you talking about Sandeep bhaiya? Kindly elaborate, or mail me if you find it too private to talk about here :)

  2. Yeah, I knew you would identify all of them. But anyways, A's in a different world all together...but hey, very much alive! Leave har to her own idiosyncrasies. S does not really check her mails, so I would say let her join IMDR, then I know she would also be addicted to blogging, or at least mailing. free ka net hai yaar!
    Besides, Kanchan's brother got married 2 and half years back. It is Sudeep's brother alright!Getting married to his girl friend from engineering days, she has also finished MBA from XLRI this year.
    By the way, Bhaiya cracked XLRI this year--the one for executives, because now he cannot leave his job and do MBA.He has also shifted to Mindtree Consulting from Caritor, in Bangalore.