Friday, April 22, 2005

To all my friends at IMDR!

I don't know how these two years
just slipped off my hands,
I am still awed!
But it was wonderful to live,
near perfect, almost unflawed!

Can I forget,
life's first late nights!
Can I forget
inconsequential fights!

Getting late for classes,
despair of poor marks
low pay packages,
Ghorpade's n Doc's idiosyncracies,

No match to
anything we expect!
Now seems trivial,
in retrospect!

But for our frontiers,
when we leave,
We'll meet at every crossroads,
I believe!

From heart to heart,
there is a bonding we share,
though miles apart.....
All of us belong here!


  1. Hi Reema,

    Thats a nice post which sum up all our feelings..Yes we will meet some day, somewhere at the life's crossroads and the familiar touch have will be back with a bang! Till then, adieu my friend and good luck for all the path you have chosen to take!


  2. Same to you.
    And remember, if you really want to get in touch with anybody in this whole world, it is not a tough job. This world is a very small place.
    stay connected.

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