Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Facebook addiction

I am one internet and Facebook addict. I am connected the whole day. I am neither interested in giving my updates, nor in minute-to-minute updates of others. Actually FB used to be a great medium to get the latest updates on things you are interested in like new books from different publishers, new activities for kids, new offers on websites you frequent, newsbites from publications you follow, new issues hitting the stands of your favourite periodicals, to name a few! But recently, I came to know that FB is going to charge these entities some amount so that their updates would be visible to those who follow them. That is going to be tricky. I don't think non-business entities are going to pay, and we will suffer. Now we will have to check out individual pages for updates I suppose. 


  1. Never been much a fan of FB but I think I am on net 50% of the day :D

    I remember reading about the FB thing, I guess it's reach is such that ppl might be willing to shell money.

  2. Same here but most of it is also via Facebook! It is a great way to be connected with blogs I follow or publishers launching new books etc. Internet is my vice. I need to get over it :-(