Friday, June 15, 2012

Setting an example for your children

I happened to catch the trailer of this new movie 'Ferrari ki Savari'. Sharman Joshi goes up to the traffic cop and asks him to give him challan for jumping the red light. The cop says but nobody saw you. Sharman says his son has seen him, and kids learn from their parents!
Ok this issue is close to my heart. I strongly believe in 'practise what you preach'. Especiall for kids, in this big world, parents are their first school and young minds are impressioned by what they imbibe from parents. So these days I am vey conscious of myself, always double checking on my behaviour and actions. The list is very very long. Right from disciplinary things like brushing twice daily and throwing garbage only in the bin, to behavioural ones like not bitching about people and things, appreciating little gestures and life's blessings, helping others, and I would also like to tone down the importance we give to materialistic things like bigge car is bette or new mobile or new gizmos, etc. The more gaga we ourselves will be towards gadgets, gizmos and shopping, the more attention and importance our children will give to these. 


  1. Agree with you cent percent.

    I keep complaining to my hubby that he shud cut down on computer time because my brat is getting attached to it. Computer that is.

  2. I know! Internet is also my biggest vice :-(