Saturday, June 02, 2012

Full time babysitting and First Birthday dilemma

I am back after what looks like ages, but frankly I was always around, never got onto writing anything here though!
The other day I realised I have been home since last 1.5 years. My blogs don't reflect much activity though. As all parents of babies / infants / toddlers would empathise, being the primary caregiver of one, single-handedly for most of the time, is one of the toughest jobs in the world; definitely 100 times tougher than anything that I did in my 5.5 years of corporate job!
As my husband pointed out the other day, our lives did not change much when we got married, but after having baby, we can barely recognise our earlier life! In short, it is very, very tough, overwhelming and sometimes I break down too with sheer helplessness but make no mistake I wouldn't have it any other way. The little bundle of joy, which sure he is, makes it all worth it.
But I do miss a break sometimes. Imagine being with an infant 24X7, who needs constant attention otherwise he might get hurt, you need to be on your toes all the time. So I don't even get to read all the amazing books I keep buying. Whateve time I get even now, I end up reading parenting articles on my Tab. Ah mothers! they just want to do their best because creating an individual is a big responsibility, and as they say childhood is like clay, you need to be careful because the imprints will remain forever.
My life pretty much is on hold, I hate to admit, but yes. Of late, the exertion has also made me unwell and I am sort of recuperating at my parent's place. After much investigation, I was found deficient in Vitamin D.
Meanwhile, I am also thinking about the little one's first birthday. I have evry intention to not celebrate it because I think it is stressful for infants. I have not found any kid enjoying his or her first birthday. Period. It is more for the parents than for the kid! I want to give my baby sime nature experience because a. I think he enjoys looking at birds, trees, skym etc, and b. kids generally enjoy nature. So I am just exploring some options. Good thing is hubby is not too hung up on first birthday party too.
I think from 2nd birthday onwards, kids start enjoying the party and friends. Right now, we should just avoid. I am looking for ideas at the moment for some nature experience. I am open for 2 day trip too. In any case, we haven't been out and about for 2 years now, not counting the trips to both sets of parents. 


  1. Parenting is indeed tough and I know what you are saying when u say that doing it all alone is tougher. I mean even going to washroom is a challenge and has to be timed properly :)

    Already time for the first b'day? Time flies na? Go to Matheran or Mahabaleshwar?

  2. @Smita: you bet! When I have to go to the washroom, I take my son tonthe far end of the corridor and leave him there. I go inside and call him. By the time, he happily comes crawling after me, I have to be back :-) otherwise he would stand against the bathroom door and I would not be able to open the door. It is even difficult to do anything in the kitchen, which he is particularly fond of. He becomes tarzan and starts swining to the trolleys! Can't afford to close my eyes even for a second when he is awake. You know what I mean!
    There are still 7 weeks to go for the first birthday, but need to plan right now. Thanks for your suggestions, will explore Matheran option. Have been to Mahabaleshwar so many times already!