Sunday, June 24, 2012

Golmaal - one after another

What are your thoughts on Rohit Shetty's Golmaal series, Singham and now Bol Bachchan? I will admit, I liked his first Golmaal, I mean the movie. But he thought he has struck gold with a franchise. He blatantly copied a yesteryear movie called 'Aaj ki Taaza Khabar' starring Kiran Kumar and Asrani. I was surprised none of the reviews mentioned this. Anyways, the original with lesser known stars was much better. The third Golmaal bore a striking resemblence to a comedy serial 'Family No. 1' featuring Kanwaljeet Singh and Tanvi Aazmi. I gave second and third one amiss, only catching bits and pieces on the TV. But I saw enough to comment on those movies. Singham was way over the top for my taste and goes with the same formula which every actor in the running today is falling for. Put on a moustache, some gravity-defying stunts and throw in a coy heroine and some over-the-top dialogues, and you get a 100 crore movie. And the director starts feeling that he has arrived. I am most depressed by the trailors of this new movie called 'Bol Bachchan' conveniently starring Abhishek Bachchan alongwith Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan appearing in one song to give much needed push to Abhishek's career! The most depressing part is that it is supposed to be a remake of that Amol Palekar-Utpal Dutt classic 'Golmaal'! Ah, and I heard somebody is remaking that classic 'Chashm-e-baddoor' too. Why God? Why?


  1. I had only liked the first Golmaal as it was different and rest I haven't even watched properly. I do not like Kareena Kapoor u see. But yes I agree with you, all the movies are sub standard and I dunno how they work at the Box Office.

    Do u know who is remaking Chashme Badoor? David Dhawan.
    Yes u r allowed to faint :P

  2. The original Golmal (Amol Palekar) was great and so was Sai Paranjpaye's Chasme Badhur.

  3. @Smita: Yes dear, I know. I almost fainted looking at first look of the movie! The original is such a timeless classic. I never get tired of watching it over and over again!
    @Haddock: Absolutely! In fact, I love all those Amol Palekar - Utpal Dutt movies!

  4. Anonymous12:05 AM

    @ reema : I will also almost faint with the first look..........oldy was really classic , nw can be seen again with same curiosity and enjoyment !

  5. I thought the first Rohit Shetty Golmaal was based on a malayalam film called Kaaka Kaaka. It was definitely a frame to frame copy. Will look for the movie you mentioned too. :)

  6. Agree... am amazed at the way these silly movies are reaching the 100 Crores mark... But the fact is that the masses dont think so, infact they love them and make such movies Blockbusters!!

  7. @Anonymous: sorry for replying afte so long. I can't agree more. I don't know why they stopped showing those films on TV. I have such fond memories of watching golmaal, chashmebaddoor, hamari bahu alka, khatta meetha etc on TV during school days
    @Swapna: sorry to you too for responding so late. I didn't know about its malyalam connection. I had seen that old movie therfore could connect and I always wondered why nobody pointed that out!
    @Shilpa: and because of which we have to go throug the torture of seveal more of such movies. I read somewhere, Rohit Shetty said critics did not approve of his movies but now he is laughing all the way to bank with 3 of his movies in 100 crore + club. So he is mocking the audience really!