Saturday, January 01, 2005

Ethics in Romance

I have been thinking about this for sometime now. So having a blog at my disposal, what could be a better place to express my feelings!
Being a small place girl, I had only been exposed to stray cases where young girls and boys would elope and get married, only to be brought back by their parents or return themselves to their homes after realising their foolishness. What would you expect from the typical, filmi, college or sometimes scool romances! In short, I had only heard about some foolish acts in the name of love!
But what I want to talk about here is Ethics, that too in Romance!Yeah, spending one and half years at Pune has really made me more sophisticated, in terms of what I have seen and my exposure to big city life! I found girls hanging around with more than 1 boy friends, I found guys two-timing a couple of girl friends. It might seem very trivial to somebody who has seen this before. I haven't. I associate Ethics with this , because it is after all an ethical issue. After all, it is about emotions and lives. I like to believe that I have learnt to accept people as they are, but when I see these kind of people, I cannot help hating them. I know it is categorisation and judgemental on my part, but I cannot help it. I cannot help disliking a guy, who is two-timing 2 girls at a time. I cannot help hating a girl who claims to have a boy friend but moves around with some other "good friend", incidently a guy!
Somebody said,"I do not hate anyone, for I understand everyone!" Read it closely and you would realise what it means. All of us are individuals, each with our own set of experiences and backgrounds, which eventually shapes our personality. Thus, what we have seen in life, makes us what we are! When we understand people, we understand why do they do things which they do! The point is, we are tempted to catagorise people as soon as we know them. We do not try to understand the WHYs and WHATs of everything. But that is how most of us are! Although each one of us are neither good nor bad, but when we look outside, we judge others as good or bad. This is one weakness I want to conquer.
Coming back to Ethics in Romance, I cannot really write my angst about this issue in precise terms, but one thing is for sure, this world I realised recently, is full of deceit, hypocrisy and double standards! But anyways, I cannot help it. And like everything else, I guess, I would come to terms with it and would learn to live with it! That's Life. Isn't it?

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