Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year Ahead

It has become more or less mandatory to wish each other a very Happy New Year, at this time of the year. So I wish a very promising and exciting new year to everyone out there. Go ahead and enjoy life! That is what it is meant for, right?
Well, speaking about my new year plans, I never had any!I have spent most of my new years quite casually, just like any other day. It is not that I don't like celebrations, but more than just passing years, it is important to sit back and take note of my life, where is it going? If at all any new year is important, it is so because I would like to ponder for sometime over how I would like this year to be and what am I going to do in that direction, for the organised sort and a plan-freak I am!
Anyways, it is a personal opinion and choice. At the end of the day, or as the case is, at the end of this wonderful year (I got a job, remember!), I wish freedom for everyone, freedom to be able to do what each one of us want to do!
See you next year!

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