Friday, January 14, 2005

My Bangalore visit, and more!

I left for Bangalore on 8th January by bus (much to my dismay). It is a 17 hour journey by bus. But since I could not get any ticket by train, I had to explore this option. This was my first overnight journay by bus, that too for such long hours. Few minutes after I boarded the bus, a black, sinister looking guy (with a huge mole on his cheek) came to me and asked if anybody was expected next to me. I was terrified, he might plan to seat himself there. So I said-yes! Actually a girl was supposed to come. In fact I was shifted to that seat in order to be next to a girl. It is India after all. And we girls prefer women around during long journeys, you see! But the girl did not materialise. That guy approached me again, and I had to tell him the truth; later I came to know that he was the driver of our bus!!!Anyways, my next trouble was that, the travel agency where I had got my tickets from, called up on my cell to talk to the driver!!!I literally had to sleep for 17 hours, because there was no TV (actually there was a TV, but it was not working, you see).
I reached Bangalore at 7 am, got down at Majestic and called up my brother to inform about where exactly I was standing. I saw my brother after one and a half years. And he has put on weight, though he does not like to believe that. My stay in Bangalore was a sum total of three movies--Choker Baali, Hulchal and Hum Tum--, meeting my family and getting through the nostalgia of that place. I was actually preparing for CAT when I last stayed there for 6 months. So that place is reminiescent of my so-called struggle and uncertainty!
I left Bangalore on 10th Jan by train, reaching Pune on 11th Jan,while my parents and brother left for Goa, for meeting my Uncle and Aunt. I have my 5th Trimester papers from 18th Jan!Another Trimester and MBA at IMDR would be over for me. But it really seems a lifetime of relationship with this institute. Of course when all your friends leave, it no longer would be the same place, but it would be great to come back with my whole group of friends again after a few years!!!

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