Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long time No see!

I am back after a long hiatus. I got busy with my exams and I got lazier, as I am already Lazy!!! Meanwhile I read a couple of books and lots of Filmy magazines! Yeah, I love those filmy mags with lots of gossip about phillum-stars!!I read The Godfather by Mario Puzo through my exams. And I must say I was very sad when Sonny was killed! That is the problem with me, I take emotional scenes, whether in movies or books, very seriously! Can't help it!!!And yeah, now that I have read this immensely popular novel, I am waiting for all those movies based on this one like Sarkaar, The Family, etc.I missed the International Film Festival this year because of my exams! I heard it had all the recent releases (like Page 3, Kisna, Amu, Black Friday, etc) plus several good ones from all over the world.
I was talking about Page 3. I am a sort of fan of Madhur Bhandarkar's movies. I liked Chandni Baar, and I loved Satta. I still think Satta is his best one.Anyways, coming back to Page 3. I would say it is a good movie--good theme, good star cast and all. It is something which you would not like to forget so soon. You would recall things long after coming out of the theatre, but having said that, I would also add that the movie lacks a pull which is essential to keep the audience interested. The movie talks about so many things--page 3 people, child molestation, abuse of struggling starlets, bomb blast, journalists, models, homosexuals, people taking advantage of others, and so much more. But still it lacks a thrust.
Konkana Sen lives the character. But I personally loved Sandhya Mridul and Atul Kulkarni. I could not have enough of them. Both were too good! I was wondering if Madhu Bhandarkar could have used an in-your-face type journo in the form of Sandhya, it would have been interesting. Konkana has done justice to her character. The character itself was a little vulnerable sort. And Tara Sharma does not knows acting at all, and to top it she has a very funny voice! I remember when we went to watch Masti, the moment she would say something, the whole theatre would be in splits of laughter--not because the dialogues were funny or she acts funny, but her voice is rather too funny and lacks any emotion! I wonder how directors 'okay' her scenes or dubbing!!!
I have also read somewhere that Mira Nair is making Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake and Konkana has been hired for the role of Ashima Ganguli. Since I read this one also recently, and liked it too, so I am waiting for the movie. Another movie which I want to see is Amu. Looks like I have become a Konkana Sen fan, but the fact is that it is sheer coincidence!
Currently I am reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone, as I wanted to see what is so good about this children's book series!!! Right now I am in the middle of it, and don't know how I would complete it. It is too childish!!!
I love John Grisham. In fact I love any novel on legal tussles!But I have yet to try several authors. I am so ignorant! What have I been doing all these years, I have not read so many authors yet!


  1. Oh cool! Another sandhya mridul fan! I find her cheek boans particularly attractive

  2. I like Sandhya Mridul's cheek 'boans' too, but I think she is slightly louder than her character demands most of the times...I saw Mr and Mrs Iyer and Page 3 back to back by sheer coincidence and I loved Konkona Sensharma in both...she has a very cute smile, and despite not being conventionally 'hot' is a treat to watch in a role.
    'But I have yet to try several authors. I am so ignorant! What have I been doing all these years, I have not read so many authors yet!'...exactly my feelings when I joined college...have covered a lot of the backlog by now but there's still so much more to read. And you didn't like HP and TPS!...I loved it precisely because it's childish...and the series gets better as it progresses...can't wait for The Half-blood Prince.