Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life in present tense

I have become quite a lazy bone and regretting that too. I am in the habit of getting up early, walks and exercises! But since last few days, I am rising pretty late and that has taken a toll on my health. Nothing serious, just that I feel drowsy and frail all the time! So I bounced back to my ususal routine today, but since it is a new beginning so I am yet not feeling good! May be in 2-3 days!!!
Anyways, currently I am reading a very interesting novel called ELEVEN HOURS by PAULLINA SIMONS.Actually I started THE EVENING NEWS by ARTHUR HAILEY but somehow, in the few pages which I read, I did not find it interesting! May be I would start it again later. So I chanced upon this one, and it would be finished today. It is about the kidnaping of a pregnant woman from a shopping mall, who is being trailed by her husband alongwith an FBI agent. It is good this far!
Another thing I wanted to write about is RAINCOAT. Well, I would say the best thing about this simple story is the extent to which the director has emphasised on detailing. Rituporno Ghosh has really portrayed the characters well! Although story is simple, inspired from O.Henry, you would find pleasure in discovering the little nuances, which would have gone unattended by some novice director. The added flavour is Aishwarya's close to natural acting! She has done her best job so far. She is not Aishwarya here, but Niru; and you would be almost convinced. Check it out if you are not madly into fast bikes, item numbers and nail-biting excitement!!!"Mathura Nagarpatti" by Shubha Mudgal is beautiful!

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  1. arthur hailey!! i like the way he restricts the story to any one profession and gives you tremendous insight into the oragnisartional and people issues of it all..fianl diagonosis-hospital, airport-airlines etc. have a hppy year ahead...linked you form my blog