Thursday, July 31, 2008

Death of Voice of India

When my brother told me that Ishmeet is dead, I did not know who he was. I’m not too much into TV, at least not into any of these reality shows. I used to watch Sa Re Ga Ma, once upon a time, but that was during good old days when there was only one such show which was a quality show nurturing budding talents. Right from Sonu Nigam to Shreya Ghosal – many singers owe their stardom to this show. But now, I’m not too sure.

Nevertheless, the next question I asked was, who Ishmeet? He said - the winner of Voice of India! Even though I did not know who he was, I could not help logging on to Rediff, and find out what happened.

Then I vaguely remembered having seen him passingly during channel surfing. I have been reading about his tragic death in different journals and online communities, but frankly it sounds too bad too be true. Look at this person, who must have had several dreams, after winning the reality show and winning lots of deals as a result. How many dreams his family might have had for his son, and in any case, losing a young son is a blow to any family – emotionally, psychologically as well as financially.

Somehow it does not sound true or justified that somebody who worked his way towards victory, beating all the odds and competition from several talents from across India, should be taken away by fate in such an inconsequential accident. Famous people don’t die like that, do they?

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