Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deja Vu

When I was in school, Star Plus used to be an English channel and it used to run and re-run episodes of Small Wonder. I wonder, where has it gone these days. They do not show that endearing serial any more. I also remember all the other old serial re-runs which used to come on Star Plus every morning—I Dream of Jeannie, Who’s the Boss? (I caught one of the episodes on TV recently), Dennis the Menace (I have some really funny memories while watching this serial with my mum and brother), the Nanny, and several more. Those were old times. In fact, I always think that sometimes when there is a song or a movie or a serial is the background of any of the important moments of your life or related to some way with the numerous memories of your life, it always creates a déjà vu when you listen to that song, or watch that movie or serial again.

That takes me to another phenomenon called Time Machine. The other day I and my hubby were discussing about what really is a Time Machine? If there is any truth in the theory that there are similar Universe like our’s parallel to our Universe which are moving in different time zones, then this is Time machine! My hubby said, if you can move faster than the speed of light, you can experience Time Machine hear and now! But my argument is that even if that happens, you would not be able to meet you as in 50 years ago or 50 years forward. But of you are able to go to a parallel Universe which is in the Time Zone of 59 years ago, then you will be able to see how you were 50 years back!

I don’t know how many of you get this feeling - sometimes when I am saying something, I feel that I have already said the exact thing, in an exact way in the exact setting; a kind of déjà vu. I think somehow this is also related to this logic of parallel world. I must have said the same thing in the other world at exactly same time, same place. Sounds interesting and creepy at the same time.

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