Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Spreading Tentacles of Terror

It was shocking to hear about bomb blasts in Bangalore, and then in Ahmedabad. It was even more frightening to learn that about 20 live bombs were detected in the diamond city, Surat. Where are we heading to? What are we living on? I was in Mumbai when the devastating bomb blasts happened in Mumbai 2 years back. Luckily, I was at home, but several of our fellow office people, were not so lucky. Staying amid such error, the first thing which struck was, who was lucky and who was not. We were scared to find out if any of our known people were stuck in that mishap!

I remember, practically, all the channels had some or the other eye-witnesses giving exclusive details of the terrorists who kept the bombs in the trains, but after listening to those accounts and their re-runs and re-re-runs, nothing really came out of it. At least, I’m not aware if we did nab anybody for the Mumbai tragedy. In fact, what ever comes out of such devastating incidents? At least, the common man is not aware. I agree, it must be very difficult to hunt a needle out of a haystack but there must be a way, similar to the sources through which they find out about the bombs in the first place. Our Intelligence Agencies must find out a way, to make us feel safer in our homes.

Today, it is scary how the terror has spread across the country. We are not safe any more. Even if we go out to enjoy, there is always a fear at the back of our minds. Where do we go from here? How does one deal with it? Shall we go back to our small towns and villages to live in peace, and quit chasing bigger dreams? May be putting up CCTV cameras as in US, can be of some help in such situations. In fact, we will be able to address a lot of crimes which happen on public places, through such cameras.

When nothing happens, nothing happens; and you tend to put all this in back-burner. Forget about it and move on with life. But what really hurts is the people who suffer in all these, the people who had been unfortunate to be at wrong place when the terror strikes; and definitely it is not easy for their families to forget such incidences for a long, long time.

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