Monday, July 14, 2008

Pappu can't dance! Nobody’s compaining!

After being hounded by Aamir Khan and Imraan Khan on all Channels, and every possible , even the Rakhi Sawant show, there was enough excitement around “Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na”. We were supposed to go last Sunday itself but it is running houseful everywhere. Even this Sunday, after much exercise, we finally got the tickets at City Pride, Kothrud. But anyways, it was all worth it. I loved it.

Yeah, the story was clichéd but Abbas Tyrewala did handle it very beautifully. Imraan Khan is good and almost effortless. Genelia looks very refreshing and effervescent. I think she is very lucky. The way she has been presented in this film, you do not seem to realize that you have seen her quite a few times before. Surprisingly, that she just had another release called “Mere Baap Pehle Aap”, which I am sure was an innocuous movie, there is no baggage of the fate of that movie on this one.

The much talked about song “Pappu can’t dance sala” could have been not there, it does not have any story implications on the movie; and same goes for the other popular song “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi”. But they are there and we don’t mind it. When Aamir Khan is endorsing the movie whole hog, and to top it all when he found value in producing this movie, then it is certificate enough for movie buffs like me to watch this movie.

The Critics have given good ratings to the movie, although they have cribbed as usual on a couple of illogical things or “how this can happen” twists in the tale. But we have been OK with several twists millions of times for the sake of the movie, so just let’s leave it at that.

Everything said and done, obviously, this will appeal more to the younger audience but it is good fun for the entire family as well.

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