Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ek Ruka Hua Faisla

It is a movie by Basu Chatterji. I saw it yesterday night.I got this bit from Google search about the movie............
"This one was inspired by Henry Fonda's Twelve Angry Men. A film entirely devoid of songs , it revolved around twelve men called for jury duty in a murder case. The entire action takes place in a single room in which the jury is deliberating. K.K.Raina excels as the lone dissenter who fights for the defendant's cause and gradually brings the others around."
In my opinion it was an exciting movie, in the sense, it does not show any emotional melodrama but really keeps you stuck because of its plot, story and acting, boss! The 12 characters and most importantly K.K.Raina & Pankaj Kapur, their arguments and counter-arguments keep you interested.
It reminded me of the Group Discussions, which we often indulge in. Anybody would appreciate how K.K.Raina turns the table around from 11 Vs 1 vote. It was really a matter of being clear on your thoughts and arguments! Because most of the times, people want to hide behind others and accept whatever majority says. But the point is "if you do not stand for anything, you will fall for everything".Right?

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