Saturday, February 05, 2005

Girlie Talk

These days we have so much time on hand that we end up doing nothing but indulging in a bitching session on anybody and everybody. No matter how much we try to understand people, we are seldom successful and we end up criticising them endlessly. It generally takes off from one particular incidence, takes off to another and so on!And trust me it takes a lot of time. You would not realise where time flew off!
Day before yesterday, all three of us (I share a flat with 2 of my classmates) started on a gossip marathon, talking about just anything under the sun. And since I am very interested in filmy gossips (courtesy:film magazines and websites), I share my knowledge with my roomies. It is a good time pass. One of them sleeps midway, but the other, who is very illiterate about actors, actresses and their gossips, sits through these session wide-eyed. I also tell them what is happening in all the serials (, as we do not have TV here, they are so amazed at my knowledge.
So that day we somehow ended up discussing DIL MANGE MORE (the Shahid Kapur starer), and since she sees almost all the movies, she actually narrated the entire story to me. And you know what happened? We ended up driving each other crazy about who played Shahid Kapur's mother in DIL MANGE MORE. And we don't know yet! Everyday, in fact, every night we discuss this issue, rake our brains and then just give up, just to ask somebody the next day. But nobody remembers the mamas in the movies, do they? Most of them have Farida Jala or Himani Shivpuri or Smita Jaikar or Kiron Kher. And there is one more problem. My dearest roomie does not even knows any names of anybody in movies or TV except the lead characters, which means only heros and heroines. So even if I ask her, if she was Smita Jaykar? She would not know, because she does not knows who is she!!!
Everybody fails to understand whay there is so much fuss about Shahid Kapur's screen mum in DIL MANGE MORE!!!But you know na, it is like, you listen to a song somewhere and get crazy finding the name of the movie or the actors!!!

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