Monday, February 28, 2005


No I am not going to write any detail about Convocation here. The thing is I arrived late for Convocation, that too when the Chief Guest had already begun his speech. When I did it, I did not give it even a second thought. Indians are known to be late, in general. In fact, fashionable! And we also like to get away with this habit by proudly declaring that we are Indians! But today I got scolded for this act of mine, and the worst thing was that I was not punished. Punishment, I think, relieves you of the burden of guilt and regret. When you don’t get punished, you do not get over the incident! In fact, I really thought about this issue, which seems little, for a long time. I realized, I have in fact got habituated to be late, unless I have to go for a class. Perhaps that is why in 23 years of my life, I have not yet learnt to manage time well! But now I have promised myself that I would keep my promises and commitments. It creates a bad impact about you and your attitude!

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