Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I finally decided to take the initiative to go and watch Black.It was a good movie, I would say, but I would not say--mind blowing!My decision is based on a simple thing. If I look at my watch more than twice in order to see how much more time I have to be inside, I know the movie is not in the category of EXCEPTIONAL.It was heavy, as I expected. And that was one of the reasons I postponed watching it!But I missed 'Little Terorrist'.
I also read at several places that the movie was predominantly in English. Well, I did not think so. Yeah, Mr. Bachchan did teach her student in English but it had not been shown in detail.
Anyways, my day started with a little bit of exercise but I have not yet been able to fight my lethargy and resume jogging.Atmost I manage to get up at 7.15 am, not earlier. Then I decided I would go for the movie, since Monday is a holiday. I had to complete my INDIVIDUAL AND INDIAN SOCIETY assignment but I had zeroed down to what I was going to write, thus it was not going to be a problem. And anyways, I had finished half of it.
Yesterday I was thinking about things I read in SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. It really made me think that growing GDP does not ensure growth or development in our lives and people around us.It is just an economic parameter to gauge the over all health of the industries.It is too macro to affect us at the grassroots. Even if Indian economic is growing at a rate of 6.9% this year, does that make any difference to the poor people. There problem has not been dealt with. Not this year, not the year before and not likely even in the year after.So why do we put forth an argument based on growing GDP? This takes me to another problem of ours--the jobless growth.It means that the economy would grow but it would not create new jobs, as anticipated. Do we really think about all these? I mean there is another thing bothering me after my SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ECOLOGY class, I never realised how inhuman conditions are in Poultry and dairy farms. I mean think about the injections they are given to make them fatter and thus more meat. It is so disgusting to even think about it.It really relieved me a bit that there are cooperatives like AMUL which do not stress on more productivity (as in more meat produced or milk obtained by whatever methods) rather empowerment of people at the grassroots.I am glad that such institutions exist. I am seriously thinking about turning vegetarian after acquiring knowledge about what is done to poultry and other animals for meat.I would really like to know more about various companies which sell there products to us, to know what kind of products I am consuming. Awareness is really blissful, and extremely important too. If IMDR stresses on anything, then it is AWARENESS more than anything else!

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  1. tru tru tru, black is at best an average movie. Such jerky and discontnious screenplay; amitabh appeared so very desperate to win some applause...totaly un-cooperative background music...all i can recall from the movie is a girl being dragged to fountain n many times...what was the need to make her walk like a penguin?? was she not supposed to be merely blind and deaf...or was it that the director used it to hide up his incapability to bring out the character of michel without it? ok...so that suffices for a good ventialtion...had to do that...afterall i chose to see this movie after a nightout.