Sunday, March 06, 2005

An ideal Morning

Today I got up at 6 am, finally!!!I exercised for a while and went for jogging. But I was extremely bad at it. I got tired in 2 minutes and I was unable to push my leg forward. I felt that my legs were not moving, as if they were locked!Then I started walking, and while coming back home, I found that the paperwallahs weren't still there. So I thought I would have to make another trip of the streets. But then I spotted my old paperboy and got my morning 'food for thought' from him and engaged him for delivering newspaper daily at my place. Earlier I used to get Indian Express because undisputedly it is one of the best as regards the editorial page is concerned. But Times of India scores on its coverage of news, thus I decided that I would get TOI at home and read the edits of Indian Express in college.
Anyways, that done, I reached home, took bucket, etc, and went downstairs and finished with my long pending work of cleaning my scooty. I had a tough time putting it on Main stand!Then I washed some clothes and watched Babe; and then I realised that I had an assignment to do. So I picked up my stuff and did my assignment. (I slept in between for almost half an hour). In the evening, I came to my institute for assignment submission and read some parts of SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. Then here I am!
I hope I would go for the movies to be screened by Open Space, made by Iranian directors, tommorrow!

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