Thursday, March 10, 2005


Blogging is great, and since I missed it for a couple of days so here I am! So what have I been doing? It began with catching Socha Na Tha on Sunday, then we (I and my roommates) saw Love Actually and Never been Kissed! Did not like any of them. They were both Average movies! I also read a book The One Straw Revolution, and started the Interpreter of Maladies, which would be finished by today. Another on the pipeline is a book called Fast Food Nation. I have lots of books to read—fiction as well as Non Fiction. I am also simultaneously reading India in Transition by Jagdish Bhagwati. I mean I don’t HAVE to read, it is just that I get so overwhelmed by books that when I get my hands on them, I do not like to leave them until I am through! You know what, more than reading; I love company of books; and my secret desire to start something in the lines of Crossword. Then I would have the latest books in my hands, all the time! That reminds me of something! When I was a kid, I used to wonder, why the shopkeepers did not eat their chocolates!!??
Hey, I went completely off-track! Where was I? OK, I was telling about the movies. Well, I love Drew Barrymore but in Never Been Kissed, she was looking absolutely Bekaar! And guess what, today I saw Mitr—my friend; and it was really nice. Shobhana deserved the national award. I hope you remember she shared it with Tabu (for Chandni Bar)! At the cost of repeating, I would say that among Page 3, Satta and Chandni Bar, Satta still is the best one by Madhur Bhandarkar!
Now I think I should rush home because since these days I cook at home, so I gotta get my dinner ready! But I would be back soon. Watch this space!

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