Thursday, March 10, 2005

Socha Na Tha!!!

Yeah, I saw that too! I went to catch this movie on Sunday with a friend. Actually I got bored with the course of my days, all of them have started to seem identical, so that day I suddenly planned to go for a movie. I checked the review and found it decent, so there I was! It is clean--no love scene, no action--movie. You could say it is a light movie, you never get tensed up!This was my first one of Ayesha Takia, and though she does not really act well, but she is different, and I guess she would learn fast. She is this normal girl-next-door kind. No Aishwarya or angelic face here.Talking about Abhay Deol, he badly needed a haircut. But he looked decent in the last few scenes where the story ends in a couple of photographs.
Socha Na Tha is refreshing!

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