Saturday, March 19, 2005

Casting "Ouch"

After the Shakti Kapoor episode, there has already been lots of arguments on does casting couch exists in the Indian film industry? Well, what I think is it certainly does! More than a film industry thing, it is definitely a dynamics between who is powerful and who is without power! Power Play! It could be called Casting Couch, sexual exploitation at work place or anything, but it definitely is the uneven power distribution in society. And if you ask me, I definitely believe that it does not limits to the arena of film industry. It exists wherever there is such unequal power in question. Just wait and watch, it would be in Politics, it would be in Fashion Industry and it would also be in the big bad Corporate world!
If people say that the big established names in any field are beyond this syndrome, then I surely differ because that cannot happen! It is just that once you become a big shot, nobody can point finger at you! But who knows the truth?
As far as India TV's take on casting couch is concerned, it is definitely in bad taste. Had it followed up a genuine case, it would have been an investigative journalism, but look what they are doing in the name of journalism!
It makes me think what has become of us as a society? Where are we heading towards? Everyone knows about such things but we like to ignore things which could lead us to trouble or any kind of uncomfortable situation.
It really makes me afraid, it makes me wonder, what life is going to be? And at the end of the day who is victimised pre-dominantly?The women! And as a "mature" society we like to believe that we have given women equal opportunities and consider them at par with men. There is a wonderful article "Stop Blaming Indian Women" in today's Indian Express by Nandita Patel.

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