Thursday, March 17, 2005


I read Mr Advani's interview in Indian Express, dated 16.03.05. He seemed to be vouching too much for the democracy in India that it has given the country its reselience. But, as Mr K. Subrahmanyam rightly points out that Indian political system, barring the polling and declaration of results, is largely undemocratic (Call this a Democracy?Don't, Indian Express,14.03.05). I don't know which democracy is Mr Advani talking about?Is it that where the entire constituency is oblivious to their representative? How justified is this representation?The irony is that our government is formed on this presumption that these people represent their constituencies, and would stand for their needs and objectives! In fact, in the 'democracy' like India, you could also see those people getting elected whom you voted out, with the brilliance of coalition. After all, what matters is Power, everything else is negotiable!

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