Saturday, March 19, 2005

Highly Opinionated!

There is an issue going on in my class these days. It is about why the opt-outs should not be part of Farewell Party in our honour. The opt-outs are those people who did not participate in the customary Induction (read ragging)process done by the seniors. They were told at that time if they opt-out of the Induction they would be out of all parties among seniors and juniors, and they accepted that. After that there were Freshers' party, Picnic and the Mentor-Mentee movie, which they were not part of! At this point, with the initiative of these opt-outs, we were supposed to get Farewell Party, but suddenly some of us came to know about this, and it was time to call for a meeting among Seniors. The majority of seniors decided that they do not want opt-outs in the party. There would be two parties--the Farewell (by Junees)and the Farewell Returns (by seniors). So that's the story.
Now my story is that I want the entire juniors to be part of this Farewell and ot a section of them, because I think that we are parting as IMDRites. It should not be related to the Induction. In fact, those opt outs are ready to let go the party, and even I don't have any particular sympathy with this group but it just not seem right to me to exclude them. If it has been the so-called tradition, I want to go against the tradition because to my justification it is unjustified. I am not going to be part of this Farewell which is going to be without opt-outs because I think its high times I let things be. I mean, it is time I had some opinions of my own. And it may not necessarily be with the majority. It is really OK with me!
But yeah, I really felt bad about how my friends have come down to calling each other names, stupid, idiot, childish, insensible, and what not! I mean, all these things were not required. There could have been just a discussion of opinions but I don't know why people have turned sore on differences. It is anyways going to happen in life later also. We cannot always have a unanimous decision. Can we? After all, Life is all about differences. So why not celebrate it!

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